Saturday, June 07, 2008

Hillary says: "Yes we can!"

Hillary Clinton's speech today was absolutly terrific in my humble opinion. She did everything she needed to do to thank her supporters, to note the historic nature of her campaign and to make it clear the importance of electing Barack Obama in November.

I have been as hard on Hillary as anyone. I have been in many discussions even arguments with her supporters. I know how passionate her supporters were and are. I know how hard it is to lose a campaign. I have been there. In 1980 I was a leader in Students for Carter Mondale. I spent months barely attending classes, giving speeches in high schools, knocking on doors, working the phones and standing at plant gates at 5 am in the morning. When the results came in I was demoralized, as I barely left my room in my fraternity house the next few days I swore off involvement in politics ever again. It took me years to even consider getting involved again. But 4 years later there I was sitting at a phone bank making calls for Walter Mondale.

Those of you that supported Hillary have an opportunity and a challenge I didn't have back then. In 1980 our loss was in the general election. We were stuck with Ronald Reagan for at least four years. But this was the primaries. We must not lose in November. The damage done to our country affecting us both domestically and world wide is deep. The risks to our future are even deeper. The opportunity for all of us is to change the path we are on. The challenge for those of you that supported Hillary is to recognize the importance of this election and though Obama may not have been your first choice, another 4 years of Bush policies must be your last choice.

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