Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Hypocrisy of McCain

Today John McCain made the following statement: "This election is about a lot of things. Its about trust its also about whether you can take peoples word."

This was in response to Obama’s decision regarding participating in the public financing of the campaign. First of all, all those years when the Repuboilcans had the big advantage in fundraising, who was fighting for public financing then. Who was for restricting 527’s and corporate donations? Well it sure wasn’t the Repoilcans. Now that Obama has the huge advantage from his unprecedented millions of donors that send an average of $100 to his campaign, they want the Democrats to give up the advantage.

But lets take a look at McCain’s “word”. This is a man that was one day against the Bush tax cuts and is now for them. One of the Keating 5, one of the most notorious lobbying abuses in Senate History and now he claims to be the king of lobbying reform. He was against off shore drilling and now for it. And finally and most outrageous a man who was held prisoner of war himself and tortured voted to allow the United States of America to torture detainees.

Yes John McCain it is about trust and a man’s word. You have clearly proven yours cannot be trusted.

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