Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Blackmailing of America

It has become quite clear that the gas prices we are now paying are either the result of or at the very least being used by the Oil Companies and the Rep-oil-cans to blackmail this nation into giving up concessions that will increase the profits of Big Oil. Bush, McCain and the Repoilcans and the Oil Companies themselves have been marching to the same drumbeat, claiming the problem is restrictions on drilling.

They want more rights to lease more areas to drill, so that they can do so when and if it provides them the best profits. The reality is there are 68 million acres with oil rich land that the oil companies currently hold leases to and could drill if they so choose. Yet they have not. Among these acres is 16 billion gallons of oil available just in the North Slope of Alaska that they can drill now. This is more oil then has been gained from Alaska since drilling began there. There are 800,000 barrels of oil coming through the pipeline today, there used to be 2.1 million per day. The oil companies have reduced production by choice period.

By choosing not to drill in these 68 million acres available to them, the Oil Companies have helped increase our dependence on foreign oil, caused the price of oil to rise, put our nation in danger, caused wars, is damaging the auto industry, food prices, recession and now according to a Pugh Research poll released today, damaging the tourism and restaurant industries in the process.

This handful of powerful companies is trying to force our nation to its knees so that they can get more and increase their profits. What’s worse they have Bush, McCain and the Repoilcans in their pocket. They have even managed to get the Governor of Florida Charlie Frist to put the tourism industry that is vital to his state at risk by changing his position on off shore drilling.

While McCain runs commercials on his new realization of the importance of
Global warming, he gives speeches demanding we damage the environment more by doing more drilling in more places.

The answer is to force the companies to drill where they already have leases. We must hold them accountable for their illegal manipulation of supply. To stop the speculating that only increases the greed of these companies and to search for real solutions that both reduce our dependence on oil foreign and domestic along with saving our environment.

Standard Oil was broken up for a reason, its time that these companies also be prevented from holding America Hostage.

sources:The Ed Schultz Show, Nancy Pelosi

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