Thursday, June 19, 2008

Democrats in Congress Giving in to Bush?

Today it was announced that a "comprimise" has been reached on the FISA bill or in other words the Bush "Make My Crimes Legal Bill."

A week after the Supreme Court Ruled on Habeas Corpus sending a message to the President and Congress that the Consititution still applies even to this Administration, the Congress with Democratic Support are attempting to usurp the Constitution again.

This bill will give Immunity to Bush and the Telecom companies for illegaly wiretaping citizens of the United States. This bill will allow the government to wiretap anyone..yes I said anyone, just because they "suspect" they may have talked to a terrorist. They don't have to prove this, they don't have to even present facts to a court, even after the fact as is the law now. They just get to do it.

How can the Democrats in Congress expect to increase their numbers and make a case they will restore the rule of law and the Constitution, when they make a compromise like this.

This Bill must not pass. Contact your Senator and Congressman today. Let them know the Constitution is still import to you.

They should be impeaching this President not covering up his crimes.



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