Tuesday, July 15, 2008

8 years divided by 2 oil men = $4 gas

This was the chart shown on the Senate floor this afternoon by Senator Barbara Boxer. While George W. Bush and the Repuboilcans repeat the mantra "drill drill drill" the Democrats in Congress are proposing real solutions to the oil prices that are bringing this nation to its knees.

McCain proposes fake solutions along with George W that will do one thing increase the assets of the oil companies. It will not have any effect on the amount of domestic oil on the market or the cost of gas at the pump. The fact is the Oil Companies have leases on 68 million acres of oil reserve they can drill now but choose not to. Instead they wish to hold on to these assets and add to them to line their pockets.

Barbara Boxer detailed a number of solutions that can and must be done to actually solve the problem. First "Use it or lose it" If the Oil companies that currently hold the leases to the 68 million acres that can be drilled now choose not to, then they shall lose the leases on that land and it will be given to companies that will drill.

Another point Boxer made was that the oil that is drilled domestically should remain in this country not sold overseas for higher profits as is the case now with much of the oil obtained in Alaska.

She also discussed higher CAFE standards which by bringing them up to 40 mpg which hybrid cars can exceed now, would by itself eliminante the demand for all foriegn oil in this country.

Finally to regulate the oil speculators that are a major cause of the current oil prices that are creating a false value for a barrel of oil that is making the oil men like Bush and Cheney richer and 90% of Americans poorer.

Repubiolcans like to accuse Democrats of wanting to "transfer wealth." The fact is the energy policies of Bush, Cheney, McCain and the repuboilcans are causing the biggest transfer of wealth in human history, from our pockets to theirs, the CEO's of the oil companies and the Oil Sheiks abroad.

It is time for America to wake up, and say no to 4 soon 5 dollar per gallon gas. To say no to wars fought over oil, to say no to record profits for the oil companies and to say NO to false policies like "drill drill drill." Instead we must support the Democrats in the Congress who are looking for real solutions for all Americans not just the oil men.

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