Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Ohio 07 in play

The clearly gerrymandered district the 7th Congressional District in Ohio created to make a safe district for Dennis Hobson may in fact not be so safe after all for the repuboilcans.

Though the DCCC and the party elders have not targeted this district polls have shown it tightening. In addition Sherrod Brown won this district against Mike Dewine in 2006 raising many eyebrows.

Recent developments in this race is that Steve Austria the repuboilcan candidate for this office has had pitful results in fundraising efforts. Roll Call reports that he only has $49,000 cash on hand.

The good news is that the Democratic candidate Sharen Neuhardt is a well known community leader and succesful attorney. Her challenge will be getting known in the remote areas of this district that stretches from Clark County and Springfield through Canal Winchester and Lancaster in Fairfield county.

I urge you to not overlook the possibilities of a picking up this seat and to contribute to Sharen's campaign. The link to her website is on my links list.

source:Roll Call

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Blogger EcoGirl said...

Be sure to check out the OH-12 race as well. Kerry lost by only 2%, Brown and Strckland won it and more than 80,000 democrats were newly registered in the 2008 primary. David Robinson is building a good bit of momentum and is the candidate that can beat Tiberi.

9:26 PM  

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