Wednesday, July 16, 2008

MSNBC's Morning Joe shows disdain for tech savvy left.

I have noticed an increasing disturbing trend showed by the cast of Morning Joe toward bloggers and those that email them to point out inaccuracies and lies in their statements.

Yesterday, Mika Brezinski complained about being called a liar in thousands of emails pointing out her constant statements that Obama has changed his positions are false. Yet rather then stating one single position that he has changed his position on, she simply complains about the emails.

Mike Barnicle made a statement about anonymous emailers and that people should have to have an IQ before getting an email address. The facts being that though I am sure that though they get a sufficient amount of wild emails that are anonymous, I know that many are in fact are signed and simply state the facts, which of course they ignore.

Today, as he has done on a number of occasions Joe Scarborough referred to bloggers as cheeto eating fat guys in the basement. Again trying to lump all negative comments they receive from bloggers into some crazy group that has no credibility.

It's not that they attack detractors like this that bothers me near as much as they continue to make false statements and lies in a matter of fact way that is believed as truth by many of the uninformed. And though they have good fact based guests and contributors on that show they fail as well by not calling them on the lies.

Ignore the informed if you wish Joe and Mika, but it is the informed that will continue to call you on your misstatements and lies. Hopefully then you will learn that those that like the fox news style of facts optional journalism watch fox news not MSNBC and since you are insulting much of the audience that does watch MSNBC, who is left.

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