Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Who's Pockets is Steve Austria In?

Looking at the list of contributors to Steve Austria's Congressional Campaign in the Ohio 7th district says much about him. 41% of his Contributions come from PACS, where as his opponent Sharen Neuhardt received only 7% of her contributions from such PACS. The PACS donating to Austria make it clear that he is just another anointed Republican marching in lock step to the same old failed policies of the Bush Administration.

Most concerning is donations from the "Rely on your beliefs PAC" that is best known for having Enron as a past contributor and the Tigua Tribe who gave to the PAC as a favor to Jack Abramoff to get approval for a casino. Austria mentions ethics on his web site and this is the company he keeps.

Within the PACs and individual contributors are many banks and investment companies, including Citigroup, Huntington and Goldman Sachs. At a time of banks leading us into the current mortgage crises and bank failures, do we really want a congressmen tied so closely to that industry?

A right wing blogger actually tried to make the attempt today to imply that contributions to Sharen Neuhardt's campaign were somehow tainted because some came from out of the district, when looking at the truth one finds that Austria's campaign is funded mostly by right wing republican PACS and Washington Lobbyists.

Americans are tired of corporate owned politicians thus why Steve Austria is a bad choice for the 7th district.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The majority of Sharen's money came from her employer, Thompson Hine law firm. They are trying to buy this race. They look at this race as an opportunity to make a buck for the firm. That is a special interest.

So if you look at it in that regard, she is beholden by special interests than Austria by far. It is not even close. The other thing is that Sharen is trying to get her money from the very same PAC's. So, she is not as holier than thou as you lead everyone to believe.

9:29 AM  
Blogger Joe R said...

Interesting comment indeed but I prefer facts.

26% of Sharen's contributors are indeed her friends and colleagues that work with her on a daily basis and know the type of leader she can be in congress more then anyone. Not surprising. I'd be more concerned if they didn’t support her. Regardless my understanding of mathematics is that 26% does not constitute a “majority.”

Your statement on PACS is a complete falsehood. A mere 7% of her contributions came from PACS and they clearly are not the same right wing "leadership" PACS that Austria is propped up by.

9:48 AM  

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