Sunday, July 20, 2008

OH-18 Space proposes solutions Dailey sucks up to Oil Companies

While Zack Space actively works to actually do something about gas prices, Fred Dailey marches in lockstep with the other RepubOILcans wanting to increase the assets of Big Oil. Zack Space was a co-sponser this week of a House bill that would have forced big oil to take their idle leases off their balance sheets and actually start producing oil from them.

A spokesman for Fred Dailey, Sean Bartley, called the bill “laughable because it does nothing to promote drilling.” Apparently Dailey and his campaign is clueless about what this bill was, considering it was all about forcing the companies to drill on the leases they currently hold.

It is not a suprise that Dailey takes this approach considering of the meager contributions he has been able to raise, his contributors include the Ohio Oil and Gas association and Knox Energy.

Once again its clear the Oil Companies and the RepubOILcans in their pocket don't actually want to produce more oil they just want to pad their profits with more leases on their balance sheets.

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