Monday, July 21, 2008

The "Surge" in perspective

John McCain wants to make the discussion on Iraq all about the "surge." It is fantastic that violence is down, its wonderful that causalities are down, but lets put this all in perspective.

On September 11, 2001 we were attacked by terrorists under the orders and training of Osama Bin Laden who was in Afghanistan sheltered by the Taliban.

With the support of the world the United States responded, driving the Taliban out of power and putting al queda on the run. We had the enemy that attacked us cornered.

Then the President of the United States, lied to the citizens of our county, and to the world and unilaterally attacked another country who had not attacked us, nor was a threat to the United States. Senator John McCain voted for and supported this disastrous decision.

This attack created chaos in Iraq, it created an environment for al queda to thrive in a country where they never were able to before. It caused us to lose the trust and the respect of the world. It has cost hundreds of thousands of lives, milions of dollars and has had a serious effect on our economy. It allowed Iran to become more defiant and have justification for pursuing it's nuclear program. It has stressed our armed forces to the breaking point and because of the lack of available sufficient forces, the Taliban has regained power in much of Afghanistan and al queda is as strong as in 2001. Bin Laden, the man who attacked us continues to be at large taunting us with his video and audio tapes, and it remains a matter of time before the next attack. All the while John McCain applauds these policies.

The surge did one thing, was to calm the chaos Bush created with McCain's approval. In Afghanistan and Pakistan, where the real enemy is, we are incapable of doing what needs to be done.

McCain and the war mongers like to say, that how we got into the war is old news, it's the success of the surge that matters. I disagree. Having a President lie us into war and making the United States responsible for war crimes, is never old news. We were once the example for the world about honor, truth, and trust. That is all gone. What is even more scary is the thinking that created this disaster, is the same thinking McCain expresses with comments about leaving troops in Iraq for 100 years and shows in his sick humor singing "Bomb, bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran."

Perhaps it's not about the past, it is definitely not about cleaning up some of the mess we created. It is very much about the future and the judgement of the man that will lead our country into it. Shall it be a man that supported every step of Bush's disastrous war and wants to continue similar policies, or the man that opposed it from the beginning and wants to lead our beloved country to a position of respect around the world once again.

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