Wednesday, July 30, 2008

How bad is McCain's Campaign?

With all the mistakes he is making and the horrid strategy of his staff along with the commercials that are even causing the sauntchest Republicans to shake their head, I am actualy starting to feel sorry for him. Laughs, ok well only a little.

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Blogger Ryanaldo said...

The Republican Party's candidate has pretty consistently campaigned with a "lower taxes" mantra since I've been paying attention. This seems pretty dishonest. While Reagan lowered some of the taxes on capital gains and ultra high income brackets, his administration significantly raised taxes most americans pay.

A Democrat candidate could honestly campaign on a "lower taxes" platform merely by promising to reverse all reagan tax policies.

A Democrat could campaign on "old taxes" (rather than new taxes) by promising to reset taxes to what they were in Nixon's day, or Eisenhower's day, or even Ford's day.

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