Saturday, July 26, 2008

Anti Oil Extremists?

That is what Orin Hatch calls those of us that want real solutions to the inflated oil prices that will have a real effect now. Those of us that want to reduce speculation that falsely inflates the value of oil. Those that support assisting low income homeowners heat their homes this winter. Those of us that want the oil companies to actually produce on the 68,000,000 acres of oil rich land that they refuse to because it is more valuable to leave them idle on their balance sheets.

If it is extremist to be opposed to the Oil companies to get wealthier and wealthier while most Americans get poorer and poorer, call me an extremist. To be opposed to policies that have one purpose to increase the profits of those companies and the oil speculators, then yes I'm an extremist. But frankly Orin Hatch, I think the right word is not extremist, a better description would be practical intelligent Americans who want real solutions now.

The real extremists are the RepubOILcans that only propose solutions that make the Oil Companies and thus their contributors wealthier while the rest of us suffer.

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