Tuesday, August 05, 2008

RepubOILcan desperate

After spending the last several weeks blocking or delaying every single attempt made by the Democrats in Congress to pass real solutions on energy, the RepubOILcans and McCain are showing their desperation by pulling silly stunts to try to distract Americans from the failed policies that lead our country into this economic crisis.

Knowing a blood bath is approaching in the upcoming elections where even Big oils money won't save their seats, the RepubOILcans latest stunt is to demand Congress come back into session right as the conventions approach. This is laughable since Democrats in congress put a number of bills up for consideration and the RepubOILcans filibustered and delayed and stalled on every single bill.

Real solutions on rampant speculation, forcing Big Oil to actually produce oil on the 68,000,000 acres they now are able to use, assistance for low income homeowners were all stalled or blocked because they didnt include provisions that would allow Big Oil to pad their balance sheets even further by adding more leases to drill that they would likely not use.

Voters must be made aware that the reason nothing was accomplished this summer was that the RepubOILcans and their Big Oil backers prevented it. Why? So they could pull these stunts and hope the American people are not paying attention.

We have had 8 years of Big oil being in control of government and Congress. We have had 8 years of rising gas prices, a declining economy and record profits of Big Oil.
Americans know it is the RepubOILcans that have created this situation, and thus will throw the bums out to increase the Democratic Majority so real solutions can be implemented.

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