Wednesday, August 13, 2008

McCain makes idle theats, Obama proposes solutions

In typical Bush cowboy diplomacy style, McCain has responded to the Russian attack on Georgia by rattling a non existent saber. It is not only laughable to the Kremlin when McCain spouts idle threats, considering our military is stretched thin because of Bush's war, but it makes not only John McCain but our country look incredibly weak.

Why did Russia do this now? It's simple, because of the foreign policy, economic and energy policies of Bush and McCain, we have increased Russia's strength in the world and seriously weakened anything the United States can do about it.

Just step back and take a look at all the damage now caused by Bush's illegal war that McCain supports and wishes to continue indefinitely. First there is the war on terror that has been neglected. Osama Bin Laden continues to live and plan all safe and cozy somewhere on the Afghanistan border. The Taliban have made a resurgence in Afghanistan itself. The world is on the brink of economic crises due to the effect the Iraq war has had on oil prices. The United States has even lost any moral authority to lead a coalition of countries to take even diplomatic action to solve this crises since we are seen by the world as an aggressor country that attacks sovereign nations without justification as well. And now Russia is clearly in the process of restoring the Soviet Union as tanks now roll through the streets of Georgia.

Now republicans are trying to spin this as proof we need a commander in chief like McCain. It is mind boggling they are even attempting this line of crap. The entire world and hopefully American voters can clearly see this crisis was made possible bythe Bush/McCain style of governing.

How weak is the United States seen around the world? This is from the German Magazine Spiegel: "The West urgently needs to get tough to contain Russia's new-found imperialism in the wake of its military action in Georgia, write German media commentators. The problem is that the EU, as usual, lacks the required unity while the US has a lame duck president whose invasion of Iraq robbed him of authority. "

It reminds me of bullies in high school. Whenever they know they don't have the intelligence to actually deal with an issue, they threaten to beat someone up. The only problem is, usually bullies actually can, McCain just looks weak.

Rather then making weak idle threats, Barack Obama has spoken out clearly about finding diplomatic ways to actually find real solutions to solve this crises. If we needed any more proof this country needs Obama as President, this is it.

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