Thursday, August 21, 2008

McCain, Women and Character

I was raised in a family of a lot of women. My mother, 5 sisters and at one time even an aunt lived with us when I was young. Perhaps more importantly my father taught me with his example on how the true measure of a man was how he treated the women in his life. Respect, care and understanding was always taught, along with chivalry and of course the absolute standard about never raising a hand to a woman.

This upbringing has served me well throughout my life. I have had relationships with many women both romantic and friendships. I have had women as customers, collegues and bosses and their gender was rarely a factor in how I interected with them. It is understandable then why I often form my opinion of other Men based on how they treat the women in their lives.

One of the things I have noticed about Barack Obama is the incredible respect he shows for his grandmother, his mother and his wife. The opinions he has of them, the way he looks at Michele tell me much about the man. One very subtle thing I noticed at a rally where he and Michele appeared together. She came up on the stage with him prior to his speech, did the waves and smiles as usual. But what stood out to me was that as Michele went down the stairs to her seat, he despite the large crowd behind him, turned and stood there watching that she got to her seat safely. Now with dozens of Seceret Service around of course she would, yet it was this natural care and respect only a man of true character shows his wife.

Contrast that with John McCain. He jokes about his womanizing in Florida after graduating from the Naval Academy. After he returned from Vietnam and found his wife was disabled from a car accident he began dating a rich blonde heiress 17 years younger then him, 9 months of that dating while he still lived with his wife.

More recently he called his current wife Cindy the c-word in front of reporters and staff. Finally in recent weeks he joked about how she should participate in a topless bikers beauty pagent.

If a female friend was considering dating a man like this, most of us would advise her to stay away him, yet people want this man to be President?

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