Friday, August 29, 2008

McCain doesn't get it

John McCain in his first executive choice picks a totally inexperienced former mayor of a small city in Alaska who has served as Governor for 1 year and a half. McCain, a man who is 72 years old with a history of cancer chooses a completely unqualified person to be his Vice President.

Why would he do this, one reason because of his ignorant condescending belief that choosing a female that he will get the Hillary voters. Women should be outraged.

The first and most important quality in choosing a Vice President is are they qualified to be Commander in Chief, clearly McCain has not done that.

This is once again another in a litany of examples of the fact that John McCain is clueless.

Obama chooses an accomplished leader like Joe Biden and McCain picks the former runner up to Miss Alaska. What a difference.

***update** The McCain campaign per NBC news has said they picked Palin not because she was ready to step in as Commander in Chief if necessary but that she will get more media coverage.


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Blogger mud_rake said...

But, did you see all of the spin-meisters in the GOP in action in thepast 48 hours? It makes a person's brain spin!

11:09 PM  

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