Thursday, August 28, 2008

RepubOILcans Childishness Evident

Since the Democratic Party has nominated an inspiring accomplished intelligent man and the all the RepubOILcans have is McCain, they have tried cynicism, distortion, lies and now have gone the route of total childishness.

While the Democrats have shown their history, character, vision on the issues all week, the other side has responded with snide attacks that frankly are not being received well by many voters I have talked to both independents and traditional Republican voters. The RepubOILcans are in total fear of the impact of tonight's speech and have no idea how to offset it. They have actually gone to attacking the set around the stage to try to make fun of what will be a historic moment in American History.

Voters are not children nor are they stupid. They will see the incredible difference tonight between a true leader like Barack Obama and the silly, negative cynicism that the RepubOILcans offer. They want real solutions to the issues and they don't care what backdrop is behind the speaker. This isn't a game this is about peoples paychecks, jobs, healthcare, security and our respect around the world.

Oh and for you few tools that think pillars have some hidden evil symbolism, look at the backdrop behind Bush in 2004's RepubOILcan convention.

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