Tuesday, September 02, 2008

The Hypocrisy of the Right Reaches a New High.

First off I totally agree with Barack Obama that Palin's 17 year old daughter is not nor should be made a political issue and I will not do that. We should be better then that and Barack is clearly better then that.

With that being said, watching the right blast the left, the bloggers and the media for bringing this story up at all is laughable. They want this to be left a private family issue which they are right it should be. But does anyone believe for a minute that if this was the daughter of a democrat that Rush and Hannity and O'Liar wouldn't be all over it.

The biggest hypocrisy of all is those claiming outrage at the media now are the same people who were relentless attacking the incredibly private family situation of Terri Schiavo.

So enough with the outrage, no one is buying it for a minute.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was just telling a co-worker that I was raised to be independent, but that I have to lean left, and one word explains it: HYPOCRISY. You are correct that it has reached a new high, and I didn't think it possible.

9:20 PM  
Anonymous Calling you out, hypocrite said...

"Ordinary Joe", you have stated, "The biggest hypocrisy of all is those claiming outrage at the media now are the same people who were relentless attacking the incredibly private family situation of Terri Schiavo."

I believe you are wrong about that being the biggest hypocrisy of all. In fact, I think you have overlooked your own hypocrisy: Your own statement in your profile that says you are a Christian (actually, the fact that you are Catholic makes that questionable in and of itself) and yet you can lift up a man who has said that there is no time too late to kill an unborn child, even if the baby miraculously lives through a botched abortion attempt!

The official Catholic position is Pro-Life. Maybe you haven't heard that. Your partner in crime, Barack Hussein Obama, is ANTI-LIFE. In fact, Obama said, were his own daughter to become pregnant, she should not be PUNISHED with a child. Liberals like BHO have no morals but evil lurks in their soul so how could they have morals? How could a person with a belief in God use such emphatic language that he would rather see his own grandchild KILLED than for his daughter to be so embarrassed or inconvenienced with a baby. Maybe you haven't heard that. Of course, if you have heard either of these contradictions, you are, ipso facto, promoting yourself as the biggest hypocrite of all.

But, should you claim you are not the biggest hypocrite, you must be a blatant liar when you claim to be "very spiritual"... or do you mean that your spiritual allegiance is to a spirit other than God? Any truly spiritual person understands that human life is a spirit and that it's moment of conception is not when the baby exits the birth canal. Borrow a bible and read Luke 1:41 if you doubt that life and the joy of The Lord exists in the womb. There are many other biblical proofs of life before birth - I challenge you to read them and meditate on them as a true Christian would. Hopefully, you will find yourself due for a confession and repentance.

Why, even Satan (who is most definitely spiritual and believes that God exists) understands that life begins at conception. Obama and you also by your agreement with him agree with Satan who would rather have us choose DEATH than LIFE.

Regardless of these hypocrisies, I do not believe you know the truth. How then could you express it? Even the name of your blog is a lie.

It's the truth that bites hardest, isn't it?

3:35 PM  
Blogger Joe R said...

I posted this comment from "calling you out" to remind my readers that the whacko "christian" right is still out there.

In this one post this person distorted the facts, questioned my sprirituality and even my christianity because I was raised Catholic.

They showed hate by using the fear tactic of using of Obama's middle name, by the way one of the most common names in the world and distorted the facts completly.

The facts are that Obama's comments on "punished with a baby" had nothing to do with abortion. It had more to do with educating and the prevention of teenage pregancy in the first place.

Secondly Obama is for limiting late term abortions in fact more so then the current law does. The right likes to site a case where Obama voted against a law with a title that seemed to refer to keeping babies alive. When in reality that law was about overturning Roe Vs Wade. The fact is any baby born alive is and must be given all necessary medical care under current law and practice. No medical personel ever would allow a baby to die regardless of the circumstances of its birth or risk losing their liscence or prison under current law. This entire issue is a another in the false distortions the right wants to use to cause fear among those of faith, that simply is not true.

I by the way am pro-life in that I am against abortion. But I also am for preventing the need and offering choices besides abortion and preventing unwanted pregnacies in the first place. I am however against the government legislating my or your morality on anyone.

You have the right to your spiritual beliefs as I do mine, you do not have the right to question mine nor do you have to the right to try to dismiss mine as being a belief in something "other then God."

Hate and judgement of others spirtiuality are not the actions of a christian.

Finally the name of my blog fundemental truths I take very seriously as unlike you, I try to always base my opinions on facts.

As Senator Daniel Patrick Monyhan once said. "You have the right to your own opinions, you do not have the right to your own facts."

7:58 AM  

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