Thursday, September 04, 2008

Democrats Running Scared?

Ever since the Palin pick the right wing talking point repeated over and over again is "The Democrats are Running Scared." When I was a boy I was taught that when one comes accross a barking dog, that if the tail is wagging they are just being playful if not they are scared.

Well as more and more facts have come out day by day about Sarah Palins actual qualifications, views and background, along with the total lack of reaction to her pick in the polls, our tails are wagging.

After all Barack Obama chooses a respected accomplished Senator with a life time of service and foriegn policy experience, and McCain chooses a wet behind the ears former Mayor of a town of 6700, and has barely had the time to find the bathrooms in the state capitol of Alaska.

I have news for the right wing wack jobs, there is no fear on our side, then again we deal in reality. We are looking to elect the next President and Vice President of the United States, not who can dress a Moose faster.



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