Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The "Reformer" Sarah Palin

The Mcsame campaign and Sarah Palin herself are touting her as a reformer.

But lets look a the facts. She was a director on the incorporation papers of the 527 group of indicted Senator Ted Stevens called the Excellence in Public Service, Inc.

She also claims to be against earmarks but just last year as Governor of one of the smallest by population states in the union, she requested through that same corrupt Senator, 31 Earmarks for 197 million dollars. That is more per-ca pita then earmark requests for any other state.

She also flat out lied when she said she was against the "Bridge to Nowhere." She actively campaigned for that earmark which is documented by citizens and photos available through many sources.

Palin is just giving us more of the same lies we are used to from RepubOILcans. To all those in the Christian Right that are so enamored with her, was "thou shalt not lie", removed from the 10 commandments recently?

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