Thursday, September 04, 2008

The Fantasy and Reality of Palin

As I watched Sarah Palin's speech last night I was struck by the similarities she was to a number of fictional political figures in television and movies. She has a good story, she looks good, and she says her lines well. Good job to the McCain casting director.

However she isn't a fictional character, she is being tapped by McCain to be second in line to commander in chief. Let's look at the reality here. She is completely unqualified. Twist the facts all they will about "small towns vs. cosmopolitan" but face it Obama's Senate Staff is larger then the whopping 50 employees she managed in her town. Call her a reformer all you want but the reality is she raised taxes, requested more earmarks per capita for Alaska then any other state, and she has been closely tied to disgraced Senator Ted Stevens and his 527 groups.

She delivered her script well on changing Washington, but the reality in what few actual positions she spoke of it was clear that she is another in the long line of RepubOILcans that want the same policies, the same direction and use the same lies as those that lead this country into losing its moral authority around the world, reduced our safety, lied us into war, devastated our military, promoted an energy policy that has lead our economy into the doldrums and increased poverty while enriching the oil companies, created a mortgage crises and health care costs that bankrupt families every day.

She played the role and spoke the lines to play the character of a "hockey mom" to appear to be like many women in this country. But in reality she is a right wing evangelical who wants to enforce her morals on all by taking away a woman's right to choose, ban books, ban sex education, choose judges based on ideology rather then qualifications, supports lies to start a war because she says it was a "Task from God," ignore the science of global warming and she wants schools to teach the religion of creation rather then actual science and she tries to use her positions to fire anyone that she disagrees with or has personal issues with.

Jimmy Smits made a great fictional Presidential candidate on television in the West Wing, and Sarah Palin makes a great fictional vice presidential candidate. But this isn't a television show, this is reality.



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