Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Reality Check

Since the RepubOILcan convention the news media, the blogs and the general narrative has seemingly turned the Presidential campaign into some personality contest rather then a debate on issues. In fact a McCain spokesman actually said this election is not about the issues.

Well this isn't the Miss Alaska contest, this is about electing a President and Vice President of the United States. The voters elected a guy they would "like to have a beer with" 8 years ago, how is that working out. What is even more frustrating is even the personality aspects the RepubOILcans are selling are false.

In the last 8 years under a RepubOILcan President, our economy has hit the skids, gas prices have tripled, food prices have gone up, the number of jobs created has reduced, the rich have gotten richer and the middle class has gotten poorer. Average wages have gone down. As far as our safety and security, during this administration we suffered the worst terrorist attack on American soil, a major American city drowned while Bush went to fundraising events, we had the support of the world after 9/11 and now we have lost all moral authority in the world to accomplish anything, so that Iran and North Korean is more of the threat, Al Queda is as strong as they ever were, and Russia is taking steps to restore the Soviet Union and restarting the cold war.

Harry Truman once said, how long do you have to be beat over the head before you figure out who is hitting you.

Now McCain realizing American's want change is actually trying to portray himself as a "change" candidate. How can anyone believe this for a moment. The only thing he changes is his positions. On 27 major positions he has changed. He at one time did stand up to his party but now he has changed every single position to come in line with the far right of his party in order to get their nomination, and now he has selected as a running mate a totally unqualified small town hockey mom that has severe right wing positions that make McCain seem liberal. McCain supported the war, McCain was against the Bush tax cuts and is now for them. McCain voted with Bush 94% of the time. McCain talks about cleaning up corruption and the control of lobbyists in Washington when McCain was part of the biggest corruption scandals of all time being one of the "Keating 5." As far as influence by lobbyists, his campaign is being run by 7 of the biggest lobbyists in Washington.

It is Barrack Obama and Joe Biden that actually do and can work for change. First of all they are qualified. Second of all Obama's positions are clear and consistent. Those that say they don't know what Obama's positions on the issues are, are lazy. The man has written 2 books, clearly spelling out his stands. His web site covers every issue that anyone has interest in detail. By taking some time and reading through these things one can see that Obama's positions have not changed, his vision is realistic and intelligent and he has a History of bringing people together to actually get things accomplished.

This election is critical. We cannot elect a President and Vice President based on what happened to them 30 years ago or that they can kill a moose. We need actual leadership. One that has the knowledge, skill, motivation, and the ability to inspire people to achieve the things that every American needs. McCain and Palin offer nice stories, smoke and mirrors and distortions. Obama and Biden offer qualifications, vision and leadership.

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