Friday, September 05, 2008

OH 07:What is Austria Copying in this Picture

Steve Austria's tendency to copy things and claim them as his own has been well documented. First Jeff at Ohio Daily Blog reported this week on the plagiarism by Austria in a Labor Day Op-Ed Austria submitted to the Xenia Gazette. This story was later picked up by the Dayton Daily News and the Springfield News-Sun.

Then I saw a copy of Austria's leaflet that his campaign is distributing. There is not a single line in this piece that is anything other then regurgitated republican talking points. The only thing in it that even mentions his potential district or Ohio at all is he lists the names of the military bases in the area. What is not in the piece is the word republican, apparently that he doesn't want people to know.

Speaking of Military, the piece also includes a photograph of Austria and seemingly active duty military personnel in uniform. Now either these are fake or he has put them at risk of charges for violating the military code of conduct.

Austria is a puppet with nothing unique or original from same old republican blathering we have heard for years.

I wonder what he is copying from a book in this picture, his biography perhaps?

His slogan on the front is Honesty, Integrity and Experience. Seems to me plagiarism and violating the Military code of conduct eliminates the first two. If he has so much experience you'd think he would have his own ideas and words to use once in a while.

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Blogger mud_rake said...

The habit of lying, saying nothing or using the words of others as one's own has been used successfully by the GOP for many decades. Why should he change that pattern?

11:10 PM  

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