Thursday, September 11, 2008

Fact: Palin did inquire about banning books

FACT: Palin did inquire about banning books. She did so at a public city council meeting as mayor.

FACT: Palin fired the Librarian a few weeks later after that librarian stood up in that council meeting and said that she would be completely opposed to removing any books from the library.

FACT: There was a public uproar among the citizens of that small town and Palin had to rehire the librarian

The McCain campaign is trying to gloss over this story by saying she did not actually ban any books. Of course she didn't the public prevented it. What is concerning is that she tried to do it at all.

Censorship, Banning books, Firing public officials that stand up for Constitutional Rights. What an American idol Sarah Palin is indeed.

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