Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The issue we dont like to think about

An issue that though its rarely talked about that lies just under the surface in the minds of many Americans is, what if something happened to either John McCain or Barack Obama after they were elected President. It is an issue I don't like to think about either but McCain's choice in Vice President has forced me to do so more and more.

What if? That leaves us with either Joe Biden or Sarah Palin. Biden an experienced leader, has been a United States Senator for many years, raised his family has a track record of accomplishments on not only the national but the world stage, or Sarah Palin. She is no more then a prop with a good story which is falling apart at the seams every day. She was a Mayor of a town of 6000. She was elected Governor of one of the most least populated States in the Union a mere 18 months ago. Already she is being investigated for misusing her office for personal matters. She makes false claims and assertions each and every day and uses the Republican tactic of "Repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it."

A man that was chosen based on the only reason one should choose a Vice President their qualifications to be President, or a woman that excites the far right wing of the party with a good background story, but no substance.

This is an important "what if" question. Just think about the fate of our country with a President Joe Biden, vs a President Sarah Palin.

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