Saturday, September 13, 2008

OH-07:The Annoited One Whines

Steve Austria's campaign in a panicked response to the DCCC adding the Ohio 7th to the Red To Blue List, has responded in typical fashion. They are repeating their statement that he was "hand picked" by Hobson. Then they claim this is a Republican district.

Well bad news for Austria. Despite the fact this district was clearly gerrymandered to make it a safe Republican district it no longer is. Ted Strickland won it by 22%, Sherrod Brown won it by 2%, Democrats outnumber Republicans in the district 32% to 24% and according to a recent poll voters in the 7th District self identify themselves as Democrats over Republicans 46-36%.

So whine all you want Mr Anointed one, Austria. Panic as you see the inflow of cash and staff and volunteers to Neuhardt's Campaign. Voter's will pick who our next Congressional representative is not Dennis Hobson.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

you always fail to mention that Dave Hobson obtained 60% in 2006; the worst year for Republicans. Blackwell was the worse Republican candidate for governor we have had since 1803.

Sharen getting on the DCCC Red to Blue list is just a way of saying thank you for putting your name into this race.

I am so glad she spent time at the Perry County Gun Bash. I am sure all those folks know that she supports gun control.

4:56 PM  
Blogger Joe R said...

yes Hobson pulled 60% against an opponent that didn't even have the endorsement of the state democratic party and had about a dollar and a half to run his campaign.

As far as gun's. Yes she was at the Perry county gun bash and was very well received because the fact is she agrees that the 2nd Amendment does guarantee the right to bear arms. However the 1st amendment gives people the right to Free speech as well but yet we do have some common sense controls on speech, such as yelling fire in a theater. Thus Sharen believes that common sense controls like restrictions on owning a flame thrower would be appropriate.

7:29 PM  

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