Friday, September 12, 2008

No Palin Zone

I have been as guilty as anyone else on the blogs, in the media and otherwise in letting the McCain campaign use the false prop of Sarah Palin to divert our attention from the real issues.

The McCain campaign manager actually said this election is not about the issues. He told us right out what their strategy was and we have all fallen for it.

No more on this blog will that happen. This is the last post repeating what we all know about her. That she is a fake, that she has lied, that she has about as many qualifications to be Vice President as the waiter where I had lunch today.

It is on the issues that Barrack Obama must win. It is about his vision and sanity in foreign affairs. It is about restoring the moral authority and respect of the United States around the world. It is about using strong diplomacy verses threatening war every other week. It is about real solutions to energy, not elementary school slogans like drill, drill, drill. It is about real proven reform from a man that does not take money from pacs and lobbyists vs a Man that took more money from Charles Keating to intercede on his behalf then any of the other 4 Senators in the Keating five. A man who's campaign staff are lobbyists. It is about fixing a broken health care system with real solutions not gutting the only thing that works in health care, employer provided plans as McCain wants to do. It is about changing the direction this country is in, not supporting 90% of the Bush policies that have lead our country to the state it is in. It is not about bragging about your service to the military 30 years ago while voting against veteran's benefits.

This election is about food prices, home mortgages, leaders that lie our country into war. It is about our country torturing prisoners, about education. This election is about honesty. Where Barack Obama has been entirely consistent on his views on almost every issue, in every book he has written, every speech he has given and all his actions as a State Senator and a U.S. Senator, Meanwhile McCain has flip flopped on almost every issue and has ran a campaign of lies and distortions.

This election is about you and me and what the citizens of this nation need.

This is the message we must get out, because if we do, Americans will see there is one candidate in this race that actually can and will make the changes that this country needs.

I unlike most Americans don't get drawn into American Idol mania every season, and from this point on the name Palin will no longer appear in my blog.

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