Thursday, October 09, 2008

Lincoln Chafee in Pickerington

I had the opportunity to attend a Town Hall sponsored by the Pickerington Ohio Campaign for Change with former Senator Lincoln Chafee of Rhode Island. Senator Chafee was a Republican Senator then turned Independent and is now a supporter of Barack Obama. Senator Chafee was introduced by a former Republican county chairman in Michigan that now is an Obama supporter living in Pickerington.

Chafee spoke about his conservative values in regards to fiscal policies, involving our troops in quagmires, and environmental policies. He pointed at that with the support of McCain and the far right wing of the Republican party these conservative values have been lost.

The Senator talked of his disappointments in the Bush administration, primarily Bush's campaign promises of working across the isle and having a non arrogant foreign policy. When the reality is Bush has done quite the opposite and McCain has made it clear he would be even more arrogant on foreign policy.

Chafee said that being an independent now he had the opportunity to choose a candidate in this election based on the men themselves not just based on party loyalty. He said he researched, read both of Barack Obama's books, read the policies of both and found that for him the clear choice for our country's future was Barack Obama.

He spoke of how the world is waiting for Americans to choose a man like Barack Obama, to show them that the years of the Bush administration were not what America is about but in fact the real America is one of reaching out and diplomacy and moral values and actions around the world.

A rather emotional moment occurred when a couple that are immigrants from Liberia expressed their thanks to Senator Chafee for his support and his voice to help stop the genocide in their home country.

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