Saturday, September 27, 2008

Grumpy McCain Proves He is Factually Challenged

McLiar said Obama wanted to raise taxes on people making $42,000 a year.

The Facts: Obama's tax plan as verified by the independent Tax Policy Institute lowers taxes on 95% of American Citizens.

McLiar said he has and will take care of Veterans.

The Facts

Voted twice in 2003 against funding for body armour for national guard & reserve troops. Also in 2003 when the military was clearly about to be overextended he voted against increasing the size of the military. He voted against the dwell time amendment that provided military personnel 12 months at home for 12 months in country. And most recently was against the GI bill in 2008. One veterans group gives McCain a grade of D on veterans issues, another says he has supported veterans with his votes 20% of the time, Obama 80%

McLiar said he worked for renewable energy.

The Facts

He has voted against funding for renewable energy 22 times.

McLiar said he was against torture.

The Facts

In the most incredible flip flop for a former victim of torture. McCliar voted to allow torture in 2005.

Once again McCain proves that he is a:

Honesty is the most important trait in a President, John McCain is not qualified to be President

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