Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Who Broke the Window?

When I was a kid I was clearing the screen on an etch-a-sketch a bit too vigorously and it somehow managed to fly through my parents huge glass picture window. Now in my humble opinion I was a pretty smart kid, well except for how I cleared the etch a sketch, within seconds I was carefully cleaning up the glass.

As expected my parents came flying out to the living room to ask, who broke the window? My response was that it wasn't important how it got broken but that there was glass everywhere and we have to clean it up.

Have you noticed that is how Bush and McCain govern.

Terrorists attack the United States and kill 3000. When questions were asked about the warnings that the Bush administration had, their response was, that what was important is that we do what we need to do now to get the terrorists.

Bush lies us into a war with McCain's support. The response, well how we got into the war is old news, its the surge that matters.

New Orleans drowns and Bush and FEMA show total ineptness at reacting to the problem, causing the additional deaths and suffering of hundreds if not thousands. Their response, no point in pointing fingers except its the democratic governors fault, but we need to work to bring the city back.

Now we are on the brink of an Economic meltdown. Bush, McCain and the Republicans who's 20 years of gutting our economic system of all the safeguards that were put in to prevent this from happening are saying, this isn't a time for blame, we have to work together to fix this.

You know what. My parents didn't fall for this tactic on the window and neither should we. Its time for Blame. The policies of the Republicans like George W. Bush in power have put our country at risk to terrorism, war, more vulnerable to natural disaster and now economic ruin.

Yes it is squarely the fault of the Republicans. Its time for change. Its time for Barack Obama.

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