Friday, September 19, 2008

How Dare They

This morning I sat and watched George W. Bush preach to us on what is good for the economy. Later he went on to say "I decided to act and act boldly." Then he gave us his apparently new revelation. "Turns out that the collapse of one part of the system affects the whole system."

George W you have lost all credibility in telling anyone what is good for the economy. It is your policies that have crippled not only the U.S. Economy but has put the worlds economy in danger. Claiming that you acted at all especially "boldly" is crap. You Sir have done nothing.

Then yesterday there was John McCain. Mr Keating 5 himself who interfered to stop investigation into a failed savings and loan to lead to the last economic crises. Who preached for 26 years against regulation to let the corporations and banks do whatever they wanted. To allow greed to rule rather then common sense. To put our nations economy at risk. To have a campaign run by the very people that has influenced Congress to allow this to happen. Then you try to blame Barack Obama?

Hypocrites, both. Liars both. You are both directly involved in creating this mess. Americans want change. Not more protections for the corporations so that they can operate on a motive of greed and when they mess up we the taxpayers have to pay to keep them alive?

Yes I am pointing fingers. Because it is clear who is responsible. The Republicans are clearly responsible. It is them that said all regulation is bad. It is them that have given the corporations every thing they want. It is them that allowed greed and profits to grow for the rich on the backs of the middle class. Now suddenly they want government intervention to have the very middle class that has been injured by all of this to now pay to bail them out.

How dare they try to take credit for fixing the problem they created. How dare they ask for us to pay for their greed. How dare they try to blame Barack Obama.

Enough is Enough, It is time for real solutions offered by Barack Obama. Not more money to the corporations that have blown it.

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