Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Will McCain's Stunt Work?

The man who 6 days ago said: "The Fundamentals of the Economy are Strong." Is trying to convince the American people that he is running to Washington to solve the problem. This is a purely political stunt to draw attention away from his terrible week, and his plummet in the polls.

Lets look at the facts shall we. John McCain a week ago didn't seem to realize there was a problem. Then he was against the bailout for AIG, then he was for the bailout for AIG. McCain is the man with a 26 year history of eliminating all the regulations and safeguards in our banking system that were in place to prevent this from happening, now he wants to fix the problem he created.

This attempt to say this is about leadership and not politics is totally proven false by the fact that Barack Obama called John McCain first at 8:30 this Morning that they put out a joint statement on the issue. John McCain calls Obama back at 2:30 and agrees. Then within minutes he goes in front of the press and pulls this grandstand move asking for the debate to be cancelled.

First of all if John McCain was able to use the technology like "the email" as he calls it, he would have been engaged in this debate at Congress all along. I can assure you Barack Obama has been involved every step of the way. Their physical location in the 21st century is irrelevant to their work on this bill.

Secondly what does a debate at 9pm on Friday night have to do with getting this bill passed. I would hope any President of the United States has the ability to multitask and handle many serious issues at once. If John McCain isn't capable of doing that, then he shouldn't be President.

There are many serious issues going on every day. A major American city drowned while Bush flew to California for a fund raiser. Troops are under fire in Afghanistan and Iraq every day. The economy has been heading this direction for months. Yet now all the sudden the Republicans and McCain decides its time for him to be engaged?

These serious issues are exactly why we need debates for Americans to pick the leader who will handle them. Some people are voting already, Ohio can start to vote in 6 days. The debates should not be postponed.

This is a political stunt pure and simple. Are Americans smart enough to realize that?

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