Friday, September 19, 2008

OH:07 District no longer "Safe Republican"

CQ Politics that rates the congressional races around the country has changed the 7th congressional district in Ohio from a rating of "republican safe" to "republican likely."

Steve Austria the RepubOILcan candidate has run a lifeless campaign simply repeating old tired Republican talking points and offering nothing new. His problems caused by getting caught plagiarizing an op ed article in the Xenia newspaper and his newest problem with photographs showing military in uniform on his literature and website in violation of Department of Defense rules have not helped. I am sure their response to this news will be their ongoing whine of, but but Austira is handpicked by Hobson.

With the terrific campaign that Sharen Neuhardt is running along with the new fundraising boosts from the DCCC and Emily's List, this could be an upset in the making.

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