Monday, September 29, 2008

GOP plays Nero while Economy Burns

In an attempt to separate themselves from the Bush administration and all his failed policies that have lead our country to the brink of financial collapse, the GOP has failed our country by voting against the Economic recovery bill and the stock market has its 3rd biggest point loss in history.

They went against their leadership and against their own President to pull this political stunt. Take a look at who voted for and against the bill. My quick spot checking shows that Republicans that are retiring or safe districts voted for the bill and those trying to separate themselves from Bush in fear of losing in tight races voted against it. Examples are Hobson voted for it, Schmidt against.

There were also 95 Democrats that voted against the bill Dennis Kucinich among them.

The fact is this. No one is happy about having to do this. Yet, 8 years of Bush policies and 20 years of eliminating or not enforcing regulations caused by people like John McCain have created this problem. Republicans are hell bent on sticking to their voodoo trickle down economics despite the obvious failure of such policies.

It angers me we have to do this, but the reality is the economy is bleeding. We must stop the bleeding first, then do the hard work of diagnosing and healing it.

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