Thursday, October 23, 2008

Vote Yes on Ohio Issue 6

Everything can be done in excess and be harmful. Spending too much time blogging, eating a lot of fast food, sleeping all the time, and yes alcohol consumption. Gambling like anything can indeed be harmful to those that over do it. Yet many enjoy gambling now and then and doing it for fun without harm to themselves or anyone else.

The government has no more business regulating this activity then regulating the amount of Pepsi one drinks. People who enjoy gambling will find a way to do so, either out of state, through the many loopholes that already exist (charity, lottery, bingo etc.) or they will do it illegally.

Issue 6 will not create any more gambling addicts then already exist. It will just change how and where they do it.

Gambling is seen as immoral by some. Since when is it ok, especially with Democrats, that the Government legislate morality. I think lies are immoral lets make that illegal all the time.

Voting No on Issue 6 will assure the States of Indiana, West Virginia along with illegal operators of gambling establishments will get all of the profits from the Ohio gamblers that go there. Ohio gets nothing.

Gambling is a recreational business there should not be a restriction against it. Vote Yes on 6. This issue allows one casino period, it doesn't turn Ohio into Atlantic City by any means. It brings in tax revenue, jobs and tourism. All things this state needs in this economy.

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