Friday, October 17, 2008

OH-07:Dayton Daily News Endorses Neuhardt, Calls Austria Shameless

The Dayton Daily News has endorsed Sharen Neuhardt. Here are some highlights from their endorsement:

"Sen. Austria has not earned a major promotion. The 7th District should be looking for somebody better."

"He is not associated with any exceptional accomplishment in the Legislature. "

"If the voters of the 7th District choose Sen. Austria, they are settling for mediocrity [...]"

"The rookie is the better, bolder, more optimistic choice."

Read full endorsement

Also the Dayton Daily News had an editorial entitled "Austria's Attacks are Shameless" they wrote: "The issue arises because, in meetings and debates, Sen. Austria has accused Ms. Neuhardt of "harboring" an illegal immigrant and behaving unprofessionally as an "officer of the court." (She is a lawyer.) So you might yet see ugly TV commercials.

If Sen. Austria makes that move, he's engaging in gutter politics of the most despicable sort."

"This country's policy of providing asylum to people who face persecution — bureaucratic as the process is — speaks to our sense of humanity. Sen. Austria needs to display that same sense of decency."

Read full Editorial

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