Sunday, October 12, 2008

May God's Will be Done

Growing up those were the words that we spoke to end many prayers. To this day it is a prayer and hope I still have every day. Like many I often through my own upbringing and beliefs and knowledge of the bible, have opinions on what God's will is. But I am just a man and how arrogant or self elevating it would be for me to ever assume or state that I know what God's will is.

That is the difference between me and many of those out there that are constantly telling you they know what his will is. That you must believe or vote a certain way because it is God's will. How egotistical. How dangerous.

No man can ever totally understand the will of God. So when anyone tries to tell you that its God's will that this person or that person be elected, or you must support this party or that party, that is wrong. Anyone that tries to elevate themselves to such importance should not be trusted and be avoided at all costs.

This election isn't about believers versus non believers. One wing of Christianity versus another, one religion against another. How one votes does not define how christian one is.

There are many things that I believe are christian values, among them are honesty, helping those less fortunate, loving your neighbor, and loving God. I do not believe that hate, fear, and spreading false smears are.

Yes as a Christian I do want God's will to be done. Also as a Christian I believe that regardless of who wins this election, it will be. Therefore I support the man I find that is more in line with my beliefs, on leadership, foreign policy, economic policy and yes moral values. In my case that man is Barack Obama. Another may find that man to be John McCain, that difference in beliefs makes neither of us a better or worse Christian.

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