Thursday, October 09, 2008

Like McCain, Austria Depending on False Smears

It has been clear the last few weeks that the McCain campaign unable to defend their stance on the real issues affecting Americans primarily the state of the economy, that their only strategy left has been to resort to false smears and innuendo. The Austria Campaign is no different.

Steve Austria that has not offered a single new idea throughout his campaign and has tried to run repeating the word liberal as many times as possible, went into the dirt a few weeks ago spreading a false attack about Neuhardt harboring an illegal immigrant. This of course has been proven totally false by court documents that have been reported on this blog and widely on the internet and the media.

Despite being found to be totally false the Austria Campaign continues this attack by leaving their press release concerning this on the front page of their web site. Including the outright lie in the piece claiming they were first made aware of this by the Dayton Daily News, when the reality is they have been shopping this false story around for weeks and a Dayton Daily News reporter finally fell for it.

Austria has shown he has no integrity and is not fit to hold any elected office. We must work to make Sharen Neuhardt our representative in Congress.

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