Friday, October 10, 2008

OH-07:Austria's Poll A Joke

The Austria campaign and Weapons of Mass Distraction is touting a poll that shows that he leads Sharen Neuhardt by 24%. Once again the Austria Campaign and their supporters are "factually challenged."

The Poll was commissioned not by an independent pollster but by the National Republican Campaign Committee. The polling firm used, the Tarrance Group describes itself as a "national Republican polling firm."

Here is the laugher, the sample size was 300. There are 300,000 active voters in the 7th district not counting the huge numbers of newly registered voters.

Finally there is no information on the question actually asked in the poll. This is information that all reputable pollsters provide. Since Austria doesn't even inform voters in his campaign literature that he is a Republican its unlikely that it was mentioned in the poll either.

Steve Austria actually said, ""I am, however, disappointed that my opponent has decided to go negative this week instead of talking about the issues."

This is the man that used Sharen's legal assistance for a victim of Rwandan genocide as a political smear.

The good news is lets hope the Republicans believe this poll and put their PAC money elsewhere.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am interested in why the Neuhardt campaign hasn't released their recent polls. I am sure they have done one by now. Joe R., you should see if they will release their numbers too and show their side of the story.

3:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rasmussen polls entire states like California, with only 500 people. Does that make their polls a joke??
A basic understanding of stastics will tell you that you only need a few hundred people to gain a fairly good understanding of how the rest of the people will probably answer even if the total polulation is in the billions. 300 is a little low for a poll (probably becuase of the expense of doing the poll) and this is reflected in the relativly high margin or error + or - 5.8%. But that does not take away the fact that even if Steve Austria was polling on the high end and Sharen Neuhardt on the low end he is still winning by DOUBLE DIGETS. You are right in that we don't know the question but lets not kid ourselfs, this poll seems to indicate that Austria would be the likely winner if the election was held today, or more accuretly during the time that the poll was taken.

5:25 PM  
Blogger Joe R said...

I agree with you on Rasmussen that is why I don't put too much belief in their polls either. However Rasmussen is at least and independent polling organization unlike the organization that did this poll.

The question is in fact quite important, if it was a push poll the results could be completely altered.

6:50 PM  

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