Saturday, October 11, 2008

What Austria Doesn't Want You to Know


Austria is running a television attack ad in the Columbus Market and no doubt other places. Like on his literature and most of his campaign materials he fails to mention one important fact, that he is a Republican.

In fact he is trying to imply he isn't. In the piece he criticizes Neuhardt for supporting the Economic Recovery Act, though neither Sharen or Austria actually voted for or against it since neither is in Congress yet. Sharen however did come out and take a stand in support of the package, Austria as usual tried to play both sides and now he claims he is against the act despite it was his President that brought the need for the act to Congress. In addition Austria's mentor Hobson voted for the measure both times. Incredibly Austria is showing that he is clueless as he is claiming the act didn't work. When anyone with a brain knows the features of the plan will take some time to implement. So clearly since none of it has taken effect yet, it hasn't worked, yet.

Austria also in his commercial is accusing Neuhardt of being "willing to bailout the fat cats." This is quite interesting since Austria's campaign has been funded by PACs with ties to Enron and convicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff. Some of his biggest contributors are banks and investment companies such as Citigroup, Huntington and Goldman Sachs. Who is in bed with the "fat cats?"

Austria once again shows he is nothing but a career politician with no regard for the truth. He wants to fool the voters to believe he is some populist when in fact he is part of the Good Ole Boy Republican Money Machine.

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