Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Republicans are Threatened By Democracy

As we watch all of the demonization of ACRON for registering voters, the lawsuits attempted against same day voting, the complaints about early voting, the attempts to disenfranchise voters with caging, one thing is clear, the Republicans must hate Democracy.

For years it has been an embarrassment that the model for democracy to the world has such low voter turnouts. Yet whenever there are grass roots efforts to increase the turnout the Republicans panic and fight it every step of the way.

Republicans don't want democracy, they want control. As long as we have a Democratic Secretary of State that has done great things to improve the reliability and efficiency in Ohio's elections, they will try to vilify her. As long as groups are successful at registering new voters, they will try to claim fraud, as long as it is made easier to vote, they will fight to make it harder.

Republicans may wrap themselves in the flag but when it comes down to the basic tenant of democracy they are opposed to it whole heartedly.

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