Monday, October 13, 2008

OH-07:Austria Shows He is a Cowardly Liar in Debate

This morning the debate of the candidates for Ohio's 7th Congressional District was taped. In that debate as Sharen talked about the economic issues that are affecting so many Ohioans, Steve Austria chose to once again spread lies and innuendo. He again used a victim of Rwandan genocide to attempt to score cheap political points.

He claimed the refugee was illegal, which court records have proven otherwise. He tried to make an innuendo concerning the refugee's social security card which was also obtained legally.

Sharen blasted Austria for this stunt and fought back with the truth. Austria was only able to keep repeating his lies and smears, hoping if he said it often enough the facts will change.

Be sure to watch the debate when it airs at 10pm on Tuesday on ONN. Channel 10 in Columbus will show it at 2:05 am on Wednesday, and ONN will replay it at 2pm October 19th and November 1.

Also help Sharen get her television ads on television and keeping the coward Steve Austria out of Congress.

Beat the Coward Fund

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