Tuesday, September 22, 2009

RepubLIEcans stall as Americans Die

#hc09 This morning the RepubLIEcans on the Senate Finance Committee like Chuck Grassley spent little time offering actual solutions to health care issues but instead trying to stall the legislation from moving forward.

Apparently 40 years trying to get health care reform is not long enough for them, perhaps being the last industrialized country in the world to provide health care for all its citizens isn't enough.

The original House Bill on health care reform was introduced July 16th. Since then, 994,000 Americans have lost their insurance. 141,858 have gone bankrupt due to medical expenses and worst of all 8743 have died due to lack of insurance. Twice the number of soldiers lost in Iraq and almost 3 times the number killed on 9/11. So RepubLIEcans how long must Americans wait while you obstruct and stall Health Care Reform, How many must die before the needs of Americans take precedence over political games and insurance company profits.

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