Thursday, September 17, 2009

Who Leads the RepubLIEcan party

At the beginning of the year it was noted somewhat tongue in cheek that Rush Limbaugh was the actual leader of the RepubLIEcan party. As time has gone on it has become more and more clear that is actually true. Perhaps its not Rush alone but more a conspiracy of hate mongers including Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, etc.

Just look at the last month. When the hate gang talks "death panels," within days you hear it from Sarah Palin and various RepubLIEcan Congressman and Senators in town halls. When they lie about coverage of illegal immigrants not only do Congressmen and Senators repeat the lie one has the audacity to yell the lie at the President of the United States.

Yesterday President Jimmy Carter pointed out a serious and clear hint of racism that is very evident in some of the speech and signs on right wing radio, television and rallies. Immediately the hate conspiracy attacks Carter claiming he was saying all opposition to health care was racist and in lock step Michael Steele Chief of the RepubLIEcans echos their disinformation.

They have been attacking ACORN on a witch hunt that is right out of the McCarthy era. And days later the Senate votes to cut off funding. What is most concerning about this is that they convinced Democrats like Sherrod Brown to go along on this racist action.

Now for weeks the conspiracy of hate has been planting this convoluted bizarre crap about Czars. It's the stupidest attack as of yet. Regardless of the fact the term "czar" is an informal media term defining some executive branch appointees, that has been around for decades and in fact, Bush appointed 47 such employees 10 more then Barack Obama. However sure enough today on the Senate Floor RepubLIEcans are speaking the words of Beck and Limbaugh as ordered claiming some fake conspiracy instead of doing actual work on behalf of the American People.

So I'm going to revise my often used quote that I end many posts with just for this day.

"Why does the right always lie? Because Rush and Faux News tells them to."

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