Tuesday, September 15, 2009

73% of Physicians support Public Option

#hc09-Though the American Medical Association has long been on board supporting Health Care Reform, RepubLIEcans like John Boehner have questioned how many doctors this organization actually represents. He in fact stated that he has not yet met a doctor for health care reform. Apparently Boehner hasn't talked to many doctors.

It is true the the AMA only represents only about 30% of doctors these days, however a new survey by the non partisan and very influential New England Journal of Medicine shows that 73% of doctors favor a public option, In fact 10% favor a complete government takeover of health insurance.

Quite clearly those that deal with the issue every day doctors, know the severe problems with our current system. They are also quite familiar with government run health care through their current experiences with Medicare and Medicaid. To Doctors the only thing worse then dealing with Government on insurance issues is dealing with the Insurance Companies.

source: New England Journal Medicine Survey

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