Friday, September 11, 2009

Dear God what does this mean? #Sept 11

We watched in confusion at the screen as smoke and flames poured out of one of the mighty structures. Wondering what, where, who and why this had just happened. Then We felt the collective gasp of the world as another plane struck.

Dear God what does this mean?

We forgot about everything our days were to be. We fixed our eyes on the images as they rushed into our living rooms slower only to the thoughts racing through our minds We stood there frozen in place, physically and mentally. How could this happen? Who would do this? Why?

Dear God what does this mean?

As we began to breath and try to pull ourselves together, moving toward the door to get to our lives, the horror of realizing it was not over, as the most powerful fortress ever conceived by man was ruptured with force and flame.

Dear God what does this mean?

Now it was fear that gripped us. How many? Where? Are we in danger? Where is my family? Where are my friends? We got on the phones or tried. We took inventory of our loved ones; we listened or watched every piece of news when we could where we could. Was this real, or something far away? I looked up to a sound to see two fighter jets fly over my city. My eyes met with the man’s eyes next to me who had also seen the jets. We said nothing with our lips but our eyes said the same thing.

Dear God what does this mean?

We became aware of the words to the loved ones of those on the plane still in the air. They expressed their love, their fear and their bravery. The words “Lets roll” as they gave their lives to save others. The sadness at the knowledge their lives ended in the field in Pennsylvania.

Dear God what does this mean?

As we watched in shock and horror as the towers fell. The fear in the eyes peering from the ash covered faces. Our own fear turned to desire to help, to pray, to find something anything we could do to help those people and their families.

Dear God what does this mean?

We felt the anger as it was clear who was responsible. This far away Man in this far away place expressing his hate for us. We don’t know him, he doesn’t know us. We as a nation were one; the vast majority of the world was one. There was resolve. There was determination. There would be justice; no one does this to us, to anyone. He will pay. They will pay.

Dear God what does this mean?

Our military with speed and power moved in response, our enemies and their supporters died were captured or fled. In such a far away place, in a far away culture our soldiers moved to seek justice. To right the wrong, to prevent it again, to ease our anger, to ease our fear. But is that possible?

Dear God what does this mean?

Eight years have now passed. We watch the families grieve for the ones they lost. We hear the bell toll the times of each act of tragedy. We think of how we thought the world would change, but did it? We have heard the numbers 9-11 used for many things on almost every day since. For reasons that make sense and many that do not. The unity of the country and the world is no longer evident. Fingers point as to who is at fault and who isn’t. We see the far away men from that far away place and now some not so far away tell us of their hate and how we should fear.

Dear God what does this mean?

Today we pray for those that were lost, for their families and their friends. We pray for the children whose memory of their parent is based more on a photograph then recollection. We pray for the city that still hurts in many ways. We pray for the soldiers that still fight for us and for them.

Dear God is this what it means?

Our prayers must continue for the nations with power and wealth that they use it for right. For those in the world that feel oppressed that they may feel enabled. For the poor that they might find comfort. For the hungry that they may find nourishment. For those that hate, that they may find love. For those that believe lies that they find the truth. For those that are ignorant that they find wisdom. For those that truly seek to serve their God that they understand truly his will. And most of all for Peace for us, for the Middle East, for this entire world.

Dear God please let this be what it means.



Blogger Madrigal Maniac said...

Excellent post.

I was working as an addiction counselor at a long term residential program at the time.

I had individual sessions scheduled all morning and after every hour session, I would poke my head out of my office to see what was going on.

When I first heard a plane had hit one of the towers, I thought a Cessna pilot had gotten lost.

After the next individual session, I saw that it was an airliner and I thought how tragic, but I still did not see the significance. Must have been an engine malfunction.

When I came out of my office again and heard that a second plane had hit the other tower, I knew we had been attacked.

I went back to complete my final individual session. When I came out and was told that the towers had collapsed. I remember asking in disbelief, did they get everyone out?

You asked the question, "Dear God what does this mean?"

I can tell you what I thought at the time because that memory is burned into my mind.

I said to myself, the world as I know it will never be the same again.

9:12 PM  

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