Saturday, September 05, 2009

OH 07: Austria Lies and Belittles at Town Hall

Steve Austria finally held a town hall yesterday in Washington Courthouse on Health Care reform. As we are getting used to with him he couldn't managed to avoid lies. He said "very, very concerned about a complete government take over of our health care system." No one is proposing a government takeover of the health care system yet he and the RepLIEcans can't help themselves in repeating that mantra.

He then went on to belittle the 40 Million Americans who don't have health care insurance: " If you look at who the uninsured are right now, there's a portion that are, quite frankly, illegal immigrants. Another portion is employees of employers who decided not to take it. Then there are those who are uninsured, who through no fault of their own, are not insured. We ought to be focused on helping these individuals." So if their employer offers a bad health care plan they can't afford, its their fault for not signing up for it Austria?

Austria also said his office was flooded with calls and e-mails from Ohioans opposed to government run health care. Of course they are because those for Health Care Reform know your a lost cause of a republican partisan tool and not worth the call.

Perhaps we should change that. We won't get his vote but we sure can light up his phone lines. Call his Springfield Office at 937-325-9188 or e-mail him at Let him know we want, no we need Health Care Reform not partisan lies.

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