Thursday, August 27, 2009

OH 18:Who is Coach Dave?

Faux News and the Right Wing Bloggers are jumping all over a story in the Zanesville Times Recorder about a man named Coach Dave Daubenmire who is holding a vigil outside Congressman Space's Zanesville Office.

A few facts about this "protest". First off Space has held a number of telephone town halls with thousands of the citizens in his district in the last few weeks. In addition Congressman Space has met with a number of citizens without an appointment as reported in the Zanesville Times Recorder. Finally Space has offered to meet with this man but Daubenmire refuses to do so unless its held in a public rally where he can grandstand.

Now a few facts about Daubenmire himself. A search of google gives you a great deal of scary facts about this man and his positions. His blog is full of gay hating propaganda. Here are a few highlights.

He once called for Dick Cheney to resign because his daughter is a lesbian.

He wrote a piece saying Joe McCarthy was right in his investigations of communists in the 50's

He came out in support of a suspended Ohio Teacher who among other things was being sued for allegedly branding 8th grade student's arm with a cross, using an electrical device.

He constantly claims he is being targeted by such "liberal" sources as Faux News, the Columbus Dispatch and the police for arresting his son on pornography charges for which he was convicted for.

As long as the right keeps pinning their hopes on men like this, they will alienate more and more Americans.

"The Whig party was once a powerful political force in our country, they were replaced. I wonder what will replace the Republican Party?" Fundamental Truths

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've been watching the antics of Coach Dave for years. If you read the responses to articles about him, e.g.(
you will find that 90% of Central Ohioans know him for the attention-seeking, muckraking, crackpot that he is. Here's a blog that exposes Daubenmire in all his wingnut glory:

I used to say that he was an embarrassment to Central Ohio but he has gone so far in his bizarre attempts to attract the media that he's become just religious whackoo sideshow that nobody associates with normal Ohioans. Thankfully his one-man ministry is a dismal failure. He has a few like-minded followers but he doesn't get enough support to pay his bills without working a couple of part-time jobs.

5:23 PM  
Blogger Madrigal Maniac said...

Also, Daubenmire was fired as London, OH's football coach for violating the constitution. He forced his players to say a Christian prayer before games. This angered some parents and the ACLU got involved. He refused to stop and was canned.

8:19 PM  

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