Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Backlash Against Gun Lobby?

We have had years of loosening gun regulations, that have allowed concealed carry permits, the ownership of semi-automatic weapons and the reduction of the ability of local communities to implement reasonable gun restrictions for the protection of its citizens. Agree or disagree or with those changes or not, to most Americans it has been mostly an abstract or theoretical argument on 2nd amendment rights.

The flaunting of guns at recent Obama town hall rallies has changed that. Whether one supports a particular President or not, seeing guns in close proximity to him causes fear in many Americans. Seeing people standing in crowds angrily chanting or holding protest signs with guns strapped to their leg or in one case a semi automatic weapon slung over a man's shoulder, causes distress and objection.

These images bring fear of violence. They do not make most Americans celebrate 2nd amendment rights. In is a sudden surprise to many Americans that doing what these people are doing is in fact legal.

These people are hurting their own cause by doing what they are doing. They in fact are waking up public opinion to turn in opposition to their gun rights views. Do not be surprised if there is a swing back to more regulation and restrictions on guns as a result. As its been reported often "They were doing nothing illegal." The next response by many is, "Well it should be illegal."

There is wisdom in the principle that if you flaunt something too much your likely to lose it. This could be the case with the lack of gun restrictions

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