Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Compromise is not working pass HR 676

Ok enough is enough. We have sat back and watched the Right, the insurance companies, the blue dogs, and the Senators in Big Health's pockets like Conrad of North Dakota and Max Baucus gut proposed health care reform legislation turning into nothing more then a give away for the insurance industry.

Up till now we have done all the compromising, we have backed away from a single payer system which is what the rest of the western world has to compromise on a public option. Now they are trying to take that away.

Enough!! There will be no Republicans voting for Health Care Reform period. They have one goal and that is political. To defeat Obama on anything he does. Their goals are not to do what is best for the citizens of America. Their goals are not to improve our weak health care system 37th best in the world. Their goals are not to help the uninsured get insurance. Their goal is not to stop the rising health care costs for those of us that are insured. Their goal is not to stop insurance companies cheating Americans every day in denying coverage while their profits soar. Their goal is to win politically, period, damn what is right or best for America.

So enough compromise. Lets do what is right period. That is going to a tried and true single payer system that works. Medicare Works, The British National Health System Works, The French Health care system works, The Canadian Health Care system works. This is not an "experiment" this is proven.

So it is time to drop this watered down crap in the House and Senate and to pass HR 676. It is true health care reform. It is expanding health care coverage in a medicare like system to all Americans.

Will it be hard to pass, yes, is it what America needs, yes. That is the only thing that matters.

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